Saturday, May 16, 2009

Push start a motorcycle ( The Motorcycle Batteries )

( The Motorcycle Batteries )

Have you experienced a dead battery of your motorcycle? What did you do to start your motorcyle? Using a kick starter is one of the option, but there is another way ; pust start your motorcycle. But remember, this method not applicable to all type of motorcycle.

Push-starting a motorcycle is a useful trick when you have a dead battery or the engine won't turn over. It starts the engine quickly without using the battery by using the momentum of the motorcycle.

# Turn the key to the "on" position.
# Put the bike in neutral.
# Make sure the engine kill switch is in the on position.
# Check the fuel valve to make sure that fuel is being supplied to the engine. Basically, just make sure that you've done everything you normally do when starting your bike, but don't hit the ignition switch.
# Roll your bike down a hill or have a helpful friend give you a push to get moving.
# Try to hit roughly 10mph (ideally, the faster the better, since you'll have more momentum), pull in the clutch, put the bike into first gear (sometimes second works better, if one doesn't work try the other) and let go of the clutch QUICKLY.
# The engine will sputter and start. Give it gas, and pull the clutch back in so you don't take off. Stop and hold the clutch in or put it in neutral, and make sure the engine is running well.
# Once the engine is running smoothly, put it in first gear, and drive your bike to the shop to replace the battery or find out why it was having so much trouble.

You can refer below clip for a clear picture of how to pust start a motorcyle.

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( The Motorcycle Batteries )

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