Monday, February 23, 2009

Type of Motorcycle Batteries

( The Motorcycle Batteries )

Motorcycle batteries are very similar to car batteries in that there are, essentially, two types to consider. Conventional batteries have chambers holding metal plates in an acidic electrolyte solution and require regular maintenance. The other is a maintenance-free battery.

Conventional batteries are ideal for vehicles that are driven in hotter climate. Since the battery is not sealed, water can be added if needed.

A maintenance free battery in general has a longer operational life, faster recharging time and longer shelf life. However, they are prone to failures due to shedding of an actie plate material that weakens over time.

Other than above, they are also different type of batteries ;
YuMicron Motorcycle Batteries
YuMicron CX Motorcycle Batteries

Always make sure you have the right motorcycle battery before you charge and install it. Save yourself the hassle (and money) of having to buy another motorcycle battery.

( The Motorcycle Batteries )