Thursday, January 22, 2009

Motorcycle Batteries Introduction

( Motorcycle Batteries )

Motorcycles are a bundle of energy, if there was ever one, condensed tightly into the smallest space. With all the trappings of modern man it makes sense to make the ride as easy and comfortable as possible. The lights, blinkers, indicators, audio gizmos and whatnots of technological advances that flood man in this age and time all demand clean power to be fed incessantly. And the most popular and reliable source that has served the purposes most conveniently and adequately is the motorcycle battery. It is capable of supplying increasingly larger and maintenance free DC power without lots of fuss.

Motorcycle batteries vary by brand. Choosing motorcycle batteries involves several important factors. You need to know a good bit about your bike in order to purchase a motorcycle battery.

Motorcycle batteries vary by engine size on any particular motorcycle. Motorcycle engines range in size and are measure by cc. A small engine could be a 100cc for example, where as a larger engine size can be 1200cc. The higher the number, the more powerful the engine.

Motorcycle batteries are specifically designed for specific brands. If you drive a BMW motorcycle, you will purchase a different motorcycle battery that if you drove a Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle batteries can be purchased in several different ways. Standard type is a “spillable” battery that requires dry shipment. The acid must be purchased locally in order to activate the battery. The acid is called electrolyte, which is sulfuric acid, diluted by water. This must be added only to a dry shipped battery. Normally, acid is not needed to be added to a battery. Once a battery is purchased, only approved water should be added.

Another way batteries can be purchased is sealed maintenance free or Sealed MF.Sealed MF is a sealed maintenance free battery that comes ready to install and is “non-spillable”. Other options when purchasing motorcycles batteries include high performance, AGM types, and Odyssey.

All motorcycle batteries are lead acid batteries. There are completely recyclable and should never be thrown away with regular waste. Motorcycles are easy to check charge with a voltmeter.

I’ll cover more about type of batteries in next post.

( Motorcycle Batteries )