Monday, February 9, 2009

Motorcycle Batteries Maintenance

( The Motorcycle Batteries )

Once you realize how important a battery is for your motorcycle you’ll be looking for the right one and then you need to watch the following aspects: size, amps, volts and extra capacity. Size seems logical but unlike a car where you can get away with a different size.. on a motorcycle this is not recommended. When you check the amps – you are actually looking at the pure power the battery has without help from the engine. The capacity is more or less how long the motorcycle battery would work without being charged.

So, you might be thinking I’ll set up my bike with a damn big powerful battery and get rocking down the road. Sorry. Don’t do this. A battery / engine have been so closely designed to meet exactly that what your bike needs. All those small aspects like polarity, vent tubes etc must match your bike. So stick to the right OEM battery part. But on the bright side manufacturers do have stronger upgrades available.

How to keep your motorcycle battery in great working order: check it’s secure, all components are attached in the right way, if it’s still a fill-up model have it topped up to the right level and have it charge on a trickle charger when not used for a longer period of time. Always recharge at a 1/3 of the ampere hour rating of the battery.

For more details about motorcycle batteries maintenance, please watch YouTube video clips at the right column of this blog.

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( The Motorcycle Batteries )